So today’s post will include 4 teas because I was unable to post on friday (and I tend to stay away from technology on the weekends ;)).

Blueberry Tea (White Tea) –
Rating: 8/10

White Blueberry Tea

The first tea I would like to talk about is a white tea called Blueberry Tea. This is another tea that was given to me as a gift and the gift-giver doesn’t know what happened to the tea store she got it from. This is a fairly light tea that has a slight hint of blueberry taste to it. It is one my absolute favorites, which is strange because I am not normally a fan of white tea. The tea turns the water a light green/brown when it is done steeping. I find it to be very thirst quenching. It is pretty good warm, and very flavorful when its cold(almost more than warm).

You can find out more about it here, and even order some if you’d like! :)

Slim & Slender (Wellness Blend) –
Rating: 4/10

Last week I went to Teaopia and purchased a “teaser” tea box set. It’s an orange tin that has 9 individual tins in it, with various types of tea in them. They said they will make around 15 cups of tea from each tin, but I always find I can make more.

Slim & Slender (Wellness Blend)

The first tea I tried from this boxset was a wellness blend called Slim & Slender. I’ll admit it wasn’t a good start to the box set, but that’s what you get from trial and error with new teas. This tea includes Yerba Mate, King of Pu-Erh (this tea is awful on its own in my opinion, nevermind in a blend), stinging nettle, carrot pieces, aloe vera, red rose buds, mallow flowers, calcium lactate, sunflowers and magnesium citrate. This tea is supposed to boost your immune system and burn fat.

The one thing I will agree on from Teaopia’s review, is the taste. It has a wonderful flavour of guava/pineapple/lemon. It suprised me that I enjoyed the taste, I thought I would hate it as soon as I found out Pu-Erh was in it (the stuff is reched on its own). The water turns yellow/brown at first, as soon as it touches the tea leaves. Then if you watch carefully you can see the red slowly leak out the more it steeps. By the time its done, the water is a red/brown color. Teaopia recommends that you steep it for 6-8 minutes, which I actually abided by this time (for the first time ever, I usually just leave the infuser in until the water is gone).

The reason I gave it such a low rating was because it really made me thirsty afterwards. The after taste doesn’t last too long afterwards (which can be good or bad). And I’m not sure if this is related to the tea (which it could be because it’s a wellness blend), but I was in a terrible mood for the rest of the day after having this tea. I felt extremely tired and drained. Which is funny, but I thought the tea would make me feel refreshed.

Sweet Energy (Mate) –
Rating: 8/10

The second tea I tried from the Teaopia box set was called Mate Sweet Energy. This tea has green mata (full of health benefits), aloe vera bits, figs, dates, orange peel, mallow flower and sunflower petals.

Sweet Energy (Mate)

When you first put water into the tea with the infuser, it turns a bright blue-ish green. Once it steeps a bit more it turns into a darker green color. It was quite neat to watch, and I found myself showing people at my work. Perhaps it was the aloe vera turning the water this color? I let it steep for 6-8 as per Teaopia’s instructions, and it turned out great. It gave a tight, yet refreshing taste and you get a nice green tea / fruity after taste. It’s really nice hot, and I think would be good if you ahd a stomach ache because there is a nice taste to the tea but it isn’t too over powering. I tried drinking some when it was cold but it didn’t taste like much, so I would recommend this one for hot drinking only. I also think the look of the tea reminds me a little bit of fish food flakes, but we won’t think of that ;).

I have posted some pictures of the tea steeping below. Please forgive my cup, it is loved and very well used. Also the tea color is a bit off due to my blue cup, but you get the idea.

This is the Mate Sweet Energy tea color when it is steeping.

This is the color of the Mate Sweet Energy tea when it has finished steeped.

Peaches & Cream (Oolong) –
Rating: 5/10

Peaches & Cream (Oolong) Tea

This is the 3 tea that I have tried from my 9 piece Teaopia box set. It’s an Oolong Tea called Peaches & Cream. The look of oolong tea is quite distinct because the leaves are individually rolled up (not sure if you can tell from the picture, but you can look closely). As it steeps the leaves slowly uncurl, which can cause your tea ball infuser to fill up quite fast(see picture). So if you have a clear tea pot, I would recommend putting it in their and watching the leaves do their thing. This tea contains papaya pieces, peach pieces, pomegranate flowers, safflowers and natural aroma. This oolong tea is less oxidized tahn others, and matches well with the papaya, peach and pomegranate.

What the Peaches & Cream tea looks like once it has uncurled.

The Peaches and Cream tea smells exactly like you think it would (the smell is even stronger in the dry tea). It seemed a bit weak, but perhaps because I didn’t put as much tea in, with fear that it would cause the infuser to bust open when the tea leaves opened. Nothing too special about this tea, I gave it 5 because it does have a fairly nice taste, but it isn’t very strong. And it is neat visually to watch the leaves uncurl. It might be nice if you made it stronger, added sugar and drank it cold. Might be nice and refreshing on a summers day.

Happy tea drinking!!! :)

Hello tea lovers! Today was an excellent day for tea in my neck of the woods, kept me warm and warmed my spirits. I brought two tea’s with me to talk about today, one rooibos and one herbal tea.

Yoga Tea - Herbal Infusion

The herbal tea is called Yoga Tea, and as the name suggests is popular among the yoga crowd, either in studios or at home. This tea includes cinnamon, hawthorn leaves and flowers, ginger bits, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, safflowers and malava flowers. It has quite the bitter, yet flowery smell to it when smelling the dry tea. Once it’s steeping it turns the water a yellow/golden color and you can really start to smell the ginger, pepper and cinnamon. It’s quite the calming smell, it reminds me of Christmas. As for the taste itself, the ginger and pepper are the strongest I find. It’s bitter, and I prefer this kind of tea to other calming teas such as chamomile. But not every one may feel this way.

I couldn’t find the Yoga Tea on my usual ordering sites because it was a gift and that sore is no longer around, but I did find this site which has other relaxing herbal teas on it. I also found this site, which has a good little description of the tea, as well as some brewing advice.

Caramel Cup Tea (Rooibos)

The next tea is one of the very first loose tea’s I got. It’s from Steeps Tea House, and it’s called Caramel Cup. This tea smells amazing dry in it’s container, but as soon as that water hits the leaves, it smells even better. A beautiful combination of rooibos leaves and caramel hits your senses. I often drink this tea as a “dessert” of sorts. It is a bit sweeter than other teas, but also very light. It’s great to warm up in the evening with.

It mostly is rooibos leaves, but there are semi-large chunks of caramel throughout the tea. Make sure you only get one or two in your infuser or tea pot because you can run out of caramel quickly if you put too much in. Then you are only left with roobios leaves (which is still good, but not the same as before!). The tea turns the water a beautiful golden brown color, which may look like it would be a strong taste, but it isn’t. I left my tea ball in the entire time and it never got very strong. However, I tried making a second cup and I think all of the caramel had gone and the leaves had lost most of their flavour.

Both of the tea’s I talked about today are good. The caramel one is something I could drink on a daily basis, the yoga tea is something I’d drink less often because of its unusal taste. They are both relaxing and both delcious, but in differeny ways.

Discovering tea’s is so much fun! Go try a new one today!!! :)

Women's 'Uma' Blend

The first tea I’d like to talk about today is called “Women’s ‘Uma’ Blend”. I got it in a small little baggy for a dollar as a sample at Steeps Tea House. It’s a herbal blend that was created in “order to promote wellness”, according to the Steeps website. It includes cinnamon bark, apple pieces, rooibos leaves, ginger pieces, raspberry leaves, fennel, chamomile, cardamom, lady’s mantel, cloves, orangepeel, St. John’s wort, black pepper, juniper berries, and silver weed. The raspberry leaves are apparently helpful for women “as its astringent and toning properties help strengethen and tone the uterine and pelvic muscles which aid in childbirth”. It also aids in easing menstrual cramps. The St. John’s wort and Lady’s mantel mimic the properties of seratonin and act as a mood elevator. Chamomile of course is known as a relaxant and can help insomnia. The lavender can also help treat migraines and digestive spasms.

While waiting for the Women’s Blend tea to cool I noticed a strong smell of chamomile with a hit of cinnamon, and as it steeped it developed a light brown/red color in the water. Personally, besides the health benefits to this tea, I’m not a big fan. To me the taste of chamomile is way too strong with a bland and bitter after-taste. Drinking it caused my face to scrunch up with dislike, and it did not go down smoothly. The smell relaxed me, but the taste did not, far too much chamomile in the tea for my liking. The after taste was not that great. It did get a bit better after it cooled down quite a bit, but not enough for me to buy.

Rooibos Provence Tea

The next tea is a personal favorite of mine. Can you guess what kind of tea it is? That’s right! Rooibos! This tea is called Rooibos Provence Tea. It was given to me as a gift from a friend and she said the store that she got it from is no longer there and she can’t remember what it was called. I managed to find some information on it on this site, and it looks like you can order it from there as well. The Rooibos Provence Tea is a herbal tea from South Africa. The tea includes rooibos leaves, rosehip shells, dried black currants, rose leaves, lavendar, raisins, dried red currants, rose petals, and dried blueberries. This tea is a rich natural source of antioxidants (thanks to the rooibos leaves), and is caffeine free.

The tea itself smells strongly of dried fruit and rooibos, but turns into a very sweet smell with a slight hint of dried fruit when it is steeping. Usually I keep my tea ball infuser in my cup as I drink, but this tea got very dark very fast, so I took the tea ball out after 5 minutes. It was the perfect amount of time! Despite the dark color (almost stained wood color), it had a very light taste. It was a very nice mix of rooibos, fruit and floral flavours. I loved the way it tasted and smells. It was instantly relaxing and because I took the infuser out, I can now use those leaves for one or two more cups. This tea would be excellent cold, with no need to add sugar unless you like it really sweet. When you have it warm, it instantly warms up the inside. I think it would be perfect for a nice winter’s day with a blanket, a window, and a good book.

Have you tried any of these teas? Whats your favorite rooibos or herbal blend tea? What do you look for in the health benefits of your tea?

I was going to write a review on two tea’s on thursday, but then life got in the way (more about it later when I’m ready). But I’m going to write about them today. I brought them with me to work again so I can drink them throughout the day and so it would remind me to write about them now!

Tulsi Harmony - Herbal Infusion

The first one is a Herbal Infusion tea called Tulsi Harmony. I find it has a calming smell and taste to it. Definately a more flowery, chamomile (but less harsh) type taste to it. Herbal tea’s are a bit different because they are not an atual ‘tea’, in fact they are typically made from everything BUT the leaves of the tea bush (camellia sinensis). They are mostly made from dried/fresh flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. Sometimes you can add actual tea leaves to the blend, but then its closer to an actual tea then, but still an infusion. According to the Ooolong Tea House website Tulsi Harmony is known to lower stress levels, lower fevers, enhance stamina, and provides the body with a rich supply of antioxidents. I can definately see how it lowers stress levels, mostly because of the chamomile in it. Definately helps relax the body (was feeling stressed this morning so I made myself a piping hot cup). It says it includes rooibos (so naturally I love this tea), ginger, cinnamon, lemon verbana, chamomile blossoms, lavender, and rose petals. A few times making a cup of this at work, some people have commented on how it looks like a more smokeable substance, than a drinkable one. ;)

Chocolate Strawberry - Black Tea

The next tea is a Black Tea called Chocolate Strawberry. Now this is an odd find for me because I don’t normally like black tea’s as much (LOVED it as a youth, but with milk and sugar) beause it makes my mouth too dry. And I am not a big chocolate lover either (worst girl ever!). I even have troubles with fruit sometimes, but if it’s IN something then I’m usually okay. This tea is SOOO refreshing. It is not dark and heavy like the rest of the black tea’s, but quite light and very, very delicious. It has a light hint of chocolate, strawberry and of course the slightly bitter taste a black tea normally has. Which sounds interesting, but works together quite well. The sweet and bitter tastes balance each other out quite nicely. Even smelling the tea itself from the countainer, it smells good enough to eat. Ooolong Tea House lists this one as a ‘flavoured’ black tea, which makes perfect sense as it is flavoured like chocolate/strawberry. This tea has a blend of Ceylon and Southern India teas with cocoa, strawberry, vanilla, yogurt bits, and coconut rasps. Mmmm mmmm, soooooo good!!!!!

I hope you enjoy one of these teas, and if you do please let me know what you thought! Also please feel free to tell me any of your favorite black or herbal infusion teas!!!! :)

Alright, so first of all I’d like to say how shocked I am that my readership has jumped up consideribly in one day. I had 70 some views altogether yesterday morning, now I am at 108! Apparently tea is more interesting than my life. ;)

First attempt decorations drying

So I took a first attempt at making some tea infuser decorations. They are a big rough, but hey it’s my first try and maybe they can be sold at a cheaper rate. :) They are still drying, then later I will be able to coat them, put a first/second coat of paint on and then hopefully seal them. Depends on how long it each layer takes to dry I suppose. I made 2 stars, 2 flowers (I will paint the loops green so maybe it looks like a step or a leaf), 2 butterflys (I will paint part of the stems black so they look like anntenae), and yes one tea cup (I couldn’t help it). I’m excited to paint them, maybe they will turn out nicer. I hope so!

Cherry Rose Rooibos

I thought I’d briefly chat about two types of tea today. They are both Rooibos (my absolute fave!!!). The first one is Cherry Rose Rooibos (I got mine from Oolong Tea House as a gift, but they didn’t have a link). This tea combines rooibos (red bush, africa) leaves, rose petals, blackberry leaves, and natural cherry flavour. I usually take 2-3 pinches of this, put it in my tea ball and it is good for 2 or 3 cups. Absolutely delicious and refreshing. It is a very light tea and would be fantastic iced with a bit of sweetner.

Rainbow Rooibos

The second is Rainbow Rooibos, which again I got from Oolong Tea House. This tea is phenomenal. I could have it every day. It is so, so, so delicious. Not many tea’s quench my thirst quite like this one does. It of course has the rooibos leaves, and a slight amaretto scent/flavour. According to the Oolong website it can aid headaches, disturbed sleep patterns, and digestive problems. My guess is because the smell and taste is so calming. I can’t get enough of this tea. This tea is a lot sweeter and a big stronger than the Cherry Rose. Would be great iced as well but does not need sweetner unless you like really sweet tea.

That’s all I have for today, I’ll update on the unfusers tomorrow and have more tea recommendations. Also thursday I plan to go and pick up some tea ball infusers and I will be able to attach them to the decorations!!!

So I’ve decided to take the first step in starting my own tea business. I love tea. I am passioniate about it. It’s something I enjoy researching, so I’m going to do it!!!

Last saturday I went to the local Michael’s Craft Store and picked up some clay (dries in air and is good to go once you seal it), paint (includes a seal and protector), and some clay cutouts (designs i can press into the clay like cookie dough). I figure using the cutouts at first might help me see size and would be an easy first step before i start making my own design.

I would attach the decoration to the metal loop at the end.

This afternoon I will run to the local tea store and see if they have any mesh ball infusers without the decoration at the end (see picture) and if they have some I will pick them up. I would like to have to them to see how I can attach them to the decoration. Some I may make a handle, some i might just press right into the metal bit. Tonight I will start cutting out some designs and letting them dry. If they try in time I will start painting. I am keeping track of what I pay to buy the supplies, just so I can see how many I end up with and at what price. Then I can divide the price by the number of tea balls and see how much to charge.

I’m pretty excited about all of this, I hope it turns out well. I’m sure it will with some practice. Once I get a few I will probably set up another wordpress site and have a sort of ordering site. I will show a picture of each one, say the price and show the quantity. To order I will probably leave my email and get them to send the order through there. I don’t think I feel comfortable putting up my phone number.

I own three infusers myself. Two ball infusers (one for work, one for home), one stick infuser. I prefer the ball infusers because they seem easier to clean and have smaller holes. The stick infuser is handy because it just stands in your cup, you can use the other end as a scoop so you don’t have to touch the tea with your hands; however it’s really hard to clean and get the tea out, especially if its still wet its hard to push out.

This is the most recent one I got.

This is the first one I ever got. It was a gift.

This is the second one I got, it was a gift as well. Mine is similar, but has a point as a scoop at the end.

I found some examples on the internet. I found one I really liked that was a sunflower one, one of the cut outs I got is a flower, so I’m excited to use that one. The heart one (see below) is nice and simple too. I also like the butterfly one (below), but that one looks like it’s made out of metal and something else. The Panda and Owl ones (below) are very cool, but very complex painting. Looks like those might be for when I’m a bit better. I’m going to need to start looking at a theme I want to do. I will make a few of each kind of cut out I have and see which ones people like. Once I get a name for my business I will maybe make a few that has my company name on it or is connected to the theme. I will do some for the different holidays as well. I want to try to stay away from the tea cup decorations, everyone seems to do it and I want to be different and stand out a bit. Make a desirable product.

Pro-life. I don’t understand it.

I guess what provoked this post was two things, no three things. First was this paper I have to write for an online class regarding abortion. Second is all of the random articles I find from day to day on pro-life groups being kicked out of universities, malls, etc. And the third thing, came up today. Sarah Palin’s daughter is being given 15 and 30 thousand dollars to speak at various events to become an advocate on women’s, youth, abstinence, and pro-life programs (view article here).

I don’t understand the mentality of the pro-life advocates. We are human beings, and we have the right to choose many things in our lives. Why shouldn’t we be able to choose something as personal as this? Save the baby, save the baby, abortion is murder! Really? How do they know the individual situation of that person? Maybe they were raped. Maybe the child has a severe handicap or disease and has no chance at a normal pain-free existence. Maybe there is just no way the parent will be able to feed, cloth and care for their child. Maybe they have a handicap themselves? Who knows. So why does some random stranger claim this is murder? Personally, I don’t see why some complete stranger has the right to tell me what is right and what is wrong in my current situation. Every person is an individual and deserves to make a personal choice based on their own situation.

No I have never had an abortion, and I hope I will never be in that situation where I would have to decide. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like. And maybe I don’t really understand what the pro-life advocates are all about. But it just doesn’t make sense to me. Yes we are all entitled to our own opinions (we can CHOOSE them ourselves), and we can have a right to express these opinions (we can CHOOSE to voice them or not). So why do these pro-life advocates feel we shouldn’t have a choice to keep a baby that hasn’t even been born yet.

I guess this was a bit of a rant. But I couldn’t help it. In case you couldn’t tell from this post, I am pro-choice 110%. You don’t choose what kind of clothes I wear, what I eat or where I live. So why shouldn’t I have a choice in a matter as sensitive as this?


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